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On Sunday night, September 23, 2019, at approximately 6:30 pm, Sherman Cromartie, 55, of Bladen County was arrested in Little River, South Carolina by the South Carolina Highway Patrol. Cromartie was wanted by the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office for child support in the amount of $145,684.00.

The call came into the South Carolina Highway Patrol as a drunk driver.
When the Trooper located the car in the Little River area of Horry County, he located the driver, Sherman Cromartie inside the Circle K Convenience Store.

Cromartie was taken to the J. Reuben Long Detention Center in Conway,
South Carolina and was later transferred to the Bladen County Jail where he is being held on a $145, 684.00 bond.

Bladen County Sheriff Jim McVicker started a program with the Bladen
County Department of Social Services in June 2019 to target child support non-payment. “This is a great example of two county agencies working together to achieve a common goal”. “Our children are one of our most valuable resources and we should do all we can to help with this program”, Sheriff McVicker said.

Once an Order for Arrest has been issued by a judge for non-payment, the offender is entered into the NCIC database, (National Criminal Information Center) where the offender can be identified as a wanted person any time a law enforcement agency has contact with a wanted person. A child support roundup in June of 2019 resulted in (13) arrest of (16) individuals wanted on outstanding child support warrants.

“We could not be more pleased with our relationship with the Bladen
County Sheriff’s Office and the impact this program has had on the children of Bladen County”. “So if you owe child support in Bladen County, you may want to consider turning yourself in because you can run but you cannot hide”, Said Vicky Smith, Director of the Bladen County Department of Social Services.

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