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Men and Women United for Youth & Families hold annual Awards and Recognition Banquet

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Photos by Kenneth Armstrong

The Men and Women United for Youth & Families held their annual scholarship and awards banquet on Saturday.

The group serves Bladen, Columbus and Brunswick counties, said Randolph Keaton. There were five scholarships awarded during the banquet and recognized the volunteers and folks who help in providing funding for the job center.

There were two Tri-County Job Center Scholarships awarded to Skylar Watson and Abby LaSabe; the Justin McLaurin Scholarship was awarded to Justin Chestnutt; the Dr. Naomi “Pinkie” Miller Scholarship was awarded to Terry Brown Jr.; and the Archie “Tut” Graham Scholarship was awarded to Alexis Graham.

The guest speaker for the evening was Judge Pauline Hankins. Keaton said Judge Hankins shared her wisdom with the youth in attendance. He said she spoke about values, working hard and the importance of getting a good education.

The banquet was also attended by elected officials from Sandy Field, Bolton and East Arcadia, said Keaton.

Keaton said the youth also have their own entrepreneurial program. The youth are  growing produce and selling it at local farmer’s markets and the proceeds go back to the youth.