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National Addiction Treatment Week recognized in North Carolina

12 Governors and 4 Mayors Declare April 23-29  National Addiction Treatment Week in their States and Cities

The week, an initiative of American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and its partners, generates awareness that addiction is a disease, evidence-based treatments are available, and more clinicians need to enter the field of addiction medicine in order to treat the nationwide epidemic.

There has been a tremendous response to social media events, including a lively twitter chat with the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) about alcohol use disorder, and two informative webinars on “Improving Language and Coverage of Addiction” and “Pathways to the Addiction Medicine Subspecialty.”

The second half of the week continues with more engaging events.

Visit www.treataddictionsavelives. org for the full schedule and recordings of past webinars, and for information on how to get involved.

Background Statistics

The significant treatment gap for addiction in the United States is an important part of the epidemic. Nearly 20.5 million Americans suffer from a substance use disorder (SUD), yet only 1 in 10 people with SUD receive treatment.  In 2015, nearly 2.3 million Americans suffered from opioid use disorder, yet there was only enough treatment capacity to treat 1.4 million people, leaving a treatment gap of nearly 1 million people.

Bladen County Opioid Task Force has busy week

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