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NC House Dems file bill to repeal House Bill 2

By Erin Smith

General AssemblyHouse Democrats filed a bill on Monday to repeal North Carolina’s infamous House Bill 2. The legislation calls for the bill to be repealed in its entirety. Political pundits say there is little support for the repeal among Republican lawmakers.

The bill, known as House Bill 946, calls for a complete repeal of House Bill 2 and also seeks funding for the Human Relations Commission in the amount of $545,407 in “recurring funds for fiscal year 2016-17.” The bill also calls for the repeal of House Bill2 to take effect immediately while the funding for the Human Relations Committee would begin on July 1, 2016.

The bill’s primary sponsors are Dems. Jackson, Meyer, Hamilton and G.Martin.

House Bill 2 was written in response to a law adopted by the City of Charlotte that would have allowed transgender individuals to utilize restroom facilities based on the gender with which they most identify. The bill also said businesses cannot discriminate against customers because of their sexual orientation.

House Speaker Tim Moore told the Raleigh News and Observer on Monday that the bill will be assigned a committee and treated just as nay other bill would be during this session of the General Assembly.

NCGA_6681-0 House Bill 2 Repeal

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