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By Erin Smith

NC Industrial Hemp Commission members are front row, left to right: Billy McLawhorn; Dr. Sandy Stewart, Vice Chair; Dr. Tom Melton, Chairman; Guy Carpenter; second row: Pat Short; Dr. Guochen Yang; Fen Rascoe; Chief Tony Godwin; and third row: Sheriff Sam Page.

The North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission met on Thursday morning via a conference call and approved 24 applications. They also had a discussion regarding the Federal Food and Drug Administrations views on CBD oil which is a Hemp extract. It is important to note that CBD is not the only cannabinoid present in cannabis. Another is CBDA. Take a look at this cbda vs cbd comparison to find out about the differences in greater detail.

The Commission members noted that those who are applying to grow industrial hemp are growing the flower heads, they are not manufacturing the oil. The Commission stressed that those who are growing the flowers are not extracting the oil.

“What they are doing is legal within the parameters of the pilot programs,” said Commission Chairman Dr. Thomas Melton.

He stressed that none of the discussion is meant to be taken as legal advice. Industrial Hemp growers are encouraged to consult with their attorneys regarding any legal issues.

It was stated in the meeting the FDA has taken a stance on CBD Oil and its uses. The FDA views CBD oil being marketed for use as a medicine or a food additive is a prohibited act. The Industrial Hemp Program in North Carolina is a pilot program and North Carolina’s Food, Drug and Cosmetics law mirrors similar legislation at the federal level.

“Everybody needs to be aware this (CBD Oil) is an area of uncertainty in the industrial hemp program,” said one Commission member.

The US Congress is expected to discuss the Farm Bill in August 2018 and changes to the industrial hemp program may be included.

Issues surrounding CBD Oil and its legal uses are being tried in the federal court system. And with its growth in popularity as an alternative use for medical aid that companies such as just cbd offer to those who suffer from different medical ailments, many of which who don’t live near any dispensaries or store inquire about the best place to buy CBD oil, it can not be denied that this is an industry that needs to be looked into.

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To learn more about North Carolina’s Industrial Hemp Program and how you can apply to produce industrial hemp, click here.