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Raleigh, NC — NCGOP Chairman Michael Whatley held an exclusive interview with Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt. They discussed topics such as Critical Race Theory, masks in schools, and the purpose of public education in the United States.

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Chairman’s Chat with Superintendent Catherine Truitt

Here are some key quotes:

Chairman Whatley: Is [Critical Race Theory] being taught in our schools right now?

Superintendent Truitt: There are tenets of Critical Race Theory for sure being taught in our schools as well as popping up in teacher trainings that districts are offering… The idea of wokeism is predominant in our schools through individual teachers.

Chairman Whatley: It is my assumption, of course, that you are adamantly opposed to the teaching of Critical Race Theory in our schools.

Superintendent Truitt: Yes, absolutely. The idea that we have not made any progress towards a more perfect union since our country’s founding and furthermore that our country is somehow inherently racist is not true and actually does damage to the way that we want to educate kids to have a  better understanding of civics and what our government has done to make that more perfect union over the last 250 years.

Superintendent Truitt: What we really should be focusing on in schools is not making kids social justice activists; what we should be doing is being focused on helping kids be proficient readers and learn math so they can graduate from high school and choose the post-secondary plans of their choice and be successful.

Superintendent Truitt: 67% of Democrats when polled support school choice. What I see… is that it’s the far-left of the Democratic party and the teachers’ unions who are really pushing back against school choice. I think that the Democratic Party is doing a disservice to its constituents by continuing to ignore what parents and what voters want– which is school choice.

Superintendent Truitt: I want students in school this fall unmasked.

Additional Significant Quotes and Information

By Cara Beth Lewis

  • If your child is being taught something that raises concern, you can file a complaint on Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson’s website.

  • 27% of district funding comes from the county level.

  • Curriculum is a matter of local control.

  • “We must view public education as preparing young people to be part of our democracy and part of our economy” – Superintendent Catherine Truitt

  • “We want all children back in school to the full extent that the law will allow.” – Superintendent Catherine Truitt

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