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By Cara Beth Lewis

A new business offering farmhouse-style home decor, furniture, and more is in the works in Bladenboro right now! Emily and Beth Dowless, sisters, are the excited owners of 2 Broke Teachers of Bladen, which will open for the first time on Saturday, September 11th, 2021.

Lots of new things are happening in Bladenboro now and in the upcoming year. Citizens of Bladenboro and the surrounding area have expressed their excitement for this specific addition to Bladenboro on social media, as the owners have shared “sneak peeks” of the merchandise.

Emily Dowless, co-owner, says, “I was born and raised in Bladenboro, NC. I love our small town and it has always been a huge part of who I am.” Emily and her husband, Jeremy Dowless, own another business in Bladenboro as well; Down East Pest Control. She said, “We chose Bladenboro as our home office (for Down East Pest Control) in 2017 because we want to make Bladenboro better. We want to contribute to the job market, the beautification, and the growth of our town!”

The owners’ enthusiasm and goals for the betterment of Bladenboro are exciting for the citizens of Bladenboro. The owners of 2 Broke Teachers of Bladen also expressed their excitement for the downtown revitalization project, which is planned to come in Spring of 2022.

Emily also shared the story of how this business venture came to be. Here is their story:

“Earlier this year, my sister, Beth Dowless and myself, had the opportunity to buy a franchise from 2 Broke Teachers in Tabor City, which is owned and operated by Kim Edwards and Terri Brown.  These wonderful ladies have built a hugely successful business from the ground up.  They are the original “2 Broke Teachers.” What I love about their story is that they also operate this business in the small town of Tabor City.  They have proven that it can be done.  You can run a successful business in a small town with a lot of hard work and local support!  We honestly had several options for locations when we purchased the franchise, but Bladenboro was always the top pick.”

The store will offer a wide variety of farmhouse decor, gifts, furniture, and other items you’ll love. Staff will offer expertise and advice as you select your perfect piece of furniture or decor for your home.

For sneak peeks, follow 2 Broke Teachers of Bladen on Facebook.

The store is located at 107 South Main Street in Bladenboro, and will operate Monday through Friday from 10 am until 6 pm, and Saturday from 10 am until 3 pm.

The owners say, “We can’t wait for you to check us out on Saturday, September 11th. Please remember to shop local!”

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