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By: Erin Smith

scales of justiceNew laws are set to take effect Friday including a new abotion law, voter ID law, and a new law impacting the workplace as well as some changes to the state’s tax laws.

Set to take place on Jan. 1, a new law in North Carolina requires abortion providers to submit copies of ultrasound photos and the meaurements of the fetus to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. The new law states the information is to be used for statistical purposes. A required 72-hour waiting period for a woman to receive an abortion that was also part of the new legislation took effect in October.

Another new and controverisal law that is set to take effect in North Carolina is the Voter ID law. Folks going to the polls in March will now be required to show a photo ID in order to cast their ballot. Acceptable forms of identification and other information regarding the Voter ID law can be found here. This law is still facing some challenges in the judicial system.

A new employment law called the Property Protection Act (NC House Bill 405) gives business owners the right to sue an employee who secretly videos or photographs the workplace and workplace activities. The new law allows the business owner to recover any damages that may have been caused as a result of the prohibited activities.

North Carolina has also made some changes and updates to tax laws as well. A new rate for the motor fuels tax goes into effect on Friday dropping the motor fuels tax rate by 35 cents, according to the NC Department of Revenue’s website.
Also, owners of Internet data centers will receive certain tax exemptions beginning Friday, according to the NC Department of Revenue.

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