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By Cara Beth Smith

New Light Church will host an open house for the new community “Connect Center” in downtown Bladenboro on March 25th at noon. According to NLC Lead Pastor Dale Hester, “The Connect Center will be a central location for various ministries to use. The vision is simple: to provide resources that help better the lives of people.”

Some of the resources will be things like classes that offer parenting skills and money management, as well as resources for parents and grandparents of those who suffer from addiction, according to Pastor Dale.

Pastor Dale continued, “We are currently working on events for our senior citizens that will provide needed information to help them with the challenges they face, including resources that are available to them that they may not be aware of.”

During Boost the Boro’s annual Spring Fling event, NLC will be set up within the Connect Center and receiving visitors. Information and resources will be available for adults, in addition to something special for the kids.

Don White of Boost the Boro stated, “The Connect Center is but one of some very significant additions and changes to the downtown Bladenboro, and I think we can all agree that the efforts made by New Light have already provided a tremendously positive and visual improvement to the center of the town.”

New Light will host a rally for their volunteers at 10 a.m. on March 25th, followed by an open house for the community at noon. Everyone is invited to attend the open house to see the finished product of the hard work that has gone on for quite some time.

Lastly, Pastor Dale stated, “Our hope is to provide something for each generation that will help them to live their best life.”

NLC Connect Center is located at 102 N. Main Street in Bladenboro.

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