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The North Carolina Pork Council, under the leadership of CEO Roy Lee Lindsey, recently highlighted several key developments in the state’s pork industry. These updates encompass everything from competitive cooking to legal challenges and exciting industry milestones.

Champions of Barbecue: The Pocosin Boys’ Victory

The annual Whole Hog Barbecue Series State Championship in Kinston brought together over two dozen of North Carolina’s finest barbecue cooks. Emerging victorious were Mark Copeland and Billy Perry, known as The Pocosin Boys, from Colerain, NC. Notably, they are among the few competitors who prefer charcoal over wood for cooking. Their triumph underlines the rich culinary traditions and innovations within the state’s barbecue community.  See the video highlights.   

Community Service: Giving Back to Kinston

Following the championship, the NC Pork Council demonstrated its commitment to community service by donating 2,000 pounds of barbecue to Mary’s Kitchen, a local feeding program in Kinston. This act of generosity underscores the industry’s dedication to supporting local communities.

Legal Developments: NC Court of Appeals Ruling

In a significant legal development, the NC Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the NC Farm Bureau against the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). The court found that DEQ improperly added new rules to animal waste permits in 2019 without adhering to the state’s rule-making process. This ruling highlights the ongoing regulatory challenges faced by the industry. Read the court ruling.

Looking Ahead: New General Swine Permit for 2024

The DEQ is set to issue a new General Swine Permit in early 2024, which will regulate hog farm operations. This permit is renewed every five years, and the DEQ has been actively engaging the public for input on the draft of the new permit. The NC Pork Council has been a vocal participant in this process, ensuring that the industry’s interests are well-represented. Read the comments submitted by the NC Pork Council.

Celebrating National Bacon Day

In a lighter note, North Carolina proudly hosts one of the world’s largest bacon plants in Wilson, NC, operated by Smithfield. Producing an astonishing 150 million pounds of bacon annually, this facility contributes significantly to the 18 pounds of bacon consumed on average by Americans each year. National Bacon Day, celebrated on December 30, is a testament to the state’s pivotal role in the bacon industry. 

The NC Pork Council extends an open invitation to anyone interested in visiting a hog farm or learning more about the state’s pork industry.  Find out more about NC Pork Council at https://ncpork.org/.

These diverse developments reflect the dynamic nature of North Carolina’s pork industry, showcasing its culinary achievements, community involvement, regulatory challenges, and global contributions to pork production.

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