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Plans for Back to School Drive under way

For many children, returning to school is time of excitement and anticipation for the upcoming academic year. Some children will be returning to school without book bags and other necessary school supplies which are needed for success in school. Derrick Lewis, the founder of Ricky DD’s Party Entertainment, wants to change that and give back to the community. He plans to conduct a Back to School Drive on Saturday, August 26th. The location for the drive has yet to be determined.

“I have researched, and found that there are at least 500 children in Bladen County that go to school  each year without book bags, and other supplies that are needed for school. Please help me change that,” writes Lewis.

Shaundra Todd said Ricky DD Entertainment is a company that provides characters such a Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, and Paw Patrol, for children’s parties, parades and church events.  She said it is so exciting to see the children’s faces when they recognize one of the characters.

Lewis, age 27, said the idea for Ricky DD Entertainment was born one year when he attended the birthday party for a small child. He said while there he was asked to dress up as Mickey Mouse and perform to entertain the children. “I had no idea the great joy I would have from that experience, just to see the smiles on the faces of the children. I decided to invest in my own character costumes and do what I loved to do,” siad Lewis.

Todd added, it is refreshing to see the children and watch their reactions.

Lewis is hoping through the Back to School Drive to receive 300 to 500 book bags filled with school supplies to give to the students who need them. For more information about the drive, call Ricky DD’s Party Entertainment at 910-874-5662.

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