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AllenDavisJr.mugshotOn Friday, Aug. 12, at approximately 9:35 a.m. Sergeant Jeffrey Guyton and Lieutenant Mark McMichael of the Elizabethtown Police Department were contacted by North Carolina Probation and Parole to assist them with a search of a probationer Alan Graham Davis’s, 57, residence located at 909 Joel Street, Elizabethtown.

Probation arrived on the scene and conducted a search of Davis’s residence with the assistance of Sergeant Guyton and Lieutenant McMichael. The results of that search yielded a Llama 9mm handgun along with a box of 9mm ammunition and another box of 12 gauge ammunition.

Finding this to be a violation of Allen Davis’s probation and upon request of Agent Paul Watts of probations Sergeant Guyton seized the above listed handgun and secured it as evidence.

Probations then arrested Davis for probation violation where he was then transported to Bladen County Jail.

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