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By Charlotte Smith

The Town of Elizabethtown Town Council held a noon work session on Monday at the Town Hall. Ms. Kate Whiteside with Sage Design presented a new proposal for the Elizabethtown Cemetery.

The new proposed cemetery would be in vicinity of Martin Luther King Drive and Highway 87 in Elizabethtown.

The current cemetery is located on North Queen Street in Elizabethtown. The cemetery was damaged due to the amount of rainfall the town received during Hurricane Florence. Repairing the devastation at the site is costly and time consuming.

The Town of Elizabethtown officials have been working with state and federal officials on plans and funding to repair and/or replace the cemetery site. Ms. Whiteside explained in detail the current plans for the proposed new 12 acre location for the cemetery. Listen now to her presentation on our YouTube Channel.

Ms. Whiteside will be unable to attend the scheduled Town Council meeting held tonight at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall. Mr. Eddie Madden, Town Manager of Elizabethtown said he would help explain the plan to others this evening.

Funding requests and plans must be submitted to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) within a year from the date the damages occurred according to Mr. Pat DeVane, Assistant Town Manager. The date in September is approaching and the council hopes to have plans submitted by mid August according to council member Howell Clark. The town council will discuss the details again this evening.

Before ending the meeting Mayor Sylvia Campbell welcomed Jonathan Norris to the Elizabethtown Fire Department as the newest Firefighter.

The council also discussed the evening agenda. View it now here: Town of Elizabethtown Agenda

BladenOnline.com will have an additional report on the cemetery matter and other items discussed at the evening town council meeting as soon as possible.

Watch the video now:

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