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Mural Salute to Bladen County Native, Astronaut Curtis Brown Jr.

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The mural honoring Bladen County native, Lt. Col. Curtis L. Brown, Jr., in Elizabethtown is now complete. Hunt Cole with Image Design was found putting the finishing touches on the wall downtown this Friday, April 17th, 2020.

Cole said the wall was a vision his father, Hunter Cole, had for the town back in 1991. Find out more by reading our original article below and by watch today’s video.

Orginal Article:

The iconic mural of Bladen County native, Astronaut Curtis Brown, Jr., displayed on the west side of Broad Street, facing Martin Luther King Drive in downtown Elizabethtown is receiving a long-awaited makeover.

Work has started on the historic mural by Image Design, according to Town of Elizabethtown Manager, Eddie Madden. The contract for about $15,000 was signed two months ago for the mural project, but the weather has affected the progress.

Mayor Syliva Campbell

The wall has now been pressure washed, and yesterday new paint was spotted on the Astronaut’s helmet and coat features.

Mayor Sylvia Campbell said, “I’m so excited about it. It took a while to get the project going, but we are thankful to get the wall restored.”

The wall is a salute from Bladen County to Lt. Col. Curtis L. Brown, Jr.
Col. Brown is an East Bladen High School graduate. He flew six shuttle missions, spent a total of 57 days in space, and has been inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame.

Last year, Col. Brown visited Elizabethtown, where he was the keynote speaker and helped cut the ribbon at the newly constructed airport terminal building. He also paid a visit to Bladen County students.

Photos of Decorated NASA Astronaut and Elizabethtown native, Col. Curtis Brown with Bladen County Students at Emereau: Bladen

Image Design has a photo of the completed mural from 2016 on its website. Mayor Campbell said she was keeping Col. Brown up-to-date on the progress being made in his honor.

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