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On Sunday, August 23, an exciting tradition took place at Harrells Christian Academy. Each member of the senior class was “blessed” by his or her Senior Blesser in a sweet ceremony held on the football field with a small group of parents and friends present. 

The tradition of every senior choosing an HCA teacher or faculty member to be his or her “blesser” began nearly twenty years ago and is an opportunity for every senior to enter into a prayerful covenant with a trusted mentor who will walk alongside them throughout their senior year. 

Some of HCA graduates’ favorite memories involve the times shared with their Senior Blesser and the wisdom, advice, and love they received through this special bond. 

In the above photo members of the senior class look on as Bible teacher Melody Powell gives Ann Holland Bell of Kenansville her blessing. 

Katie Johnson of Ivanhoe listens as her Senior Blesser Julie Ellis gives words of encouragement for her senior year.

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