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NC State Senator Announces “Stay in Place” Order Expected this Afternoon

North Carolina State Senator, Danny Britt, Jr. announced the following information this afternoon on his Facebook page.

He said, “Well, we finally have an answer to the most asked question in NC for the past few week.

The Governor is expected to issue a stay in place order at his press conference at 4pm. The order to take effect on Monday at 5pm.

I will continue to post updates as things progress as to what this order means and how it will be enforced. I have reviewed and broke down the order based on what was relayed verbally so some language may change so basically any business that can operate why still social distancing will continue to operate. Anything specifically ordered closed now will remain closed. If you do not fall under a specific exclusion you can submit a request to be excluded and continue to operate until a decision is made.

See a breakdown of details below:

We have learned that the Governor will be entering a statewide “stay at home” order at approximately 4:00 pm this afternoon. The order includes exceptions to allow most businesses that are currently permitted to operate to continue. We have not seen the written order, but the following is a summary as described by the Governor’s staff.

The Restrictions generally fall within two categories, individual people and businesses, non-profits and other entities.

People: Individuals are required to stay in their residences or outdoor spaces surrounding their residence, unless engaged in permitted travel or activities. Permitted travel includes travel for health and safety, to obtain necessary supplies and services (including food, health products, supplies to work from home), for outdoor activity, to care for others, to attend worship services, participate in volunteer activities, to receive goods and services provided by an Essential Business (as described below) or to work at an Essential Business.

Business; Non-profits; Educational Institutions: Businesses are required to cease operations or direct employees to work from home, unless they fall within one of the following categories of an “Essential Business” which may continue to operate. Essential Businesses include:

Any business that can operate while meeting social distancing requirements (6 feet apart) between and employees and between employees and customers, except for the point of sale and purchase.
Businesses operating in federally designated (CISA) critical infrastructure sectors:….

Healthcare and public health operations.

Essential infrastructure operations (food and beverage production, transportation, utilities, etc).
Grocery stores, agricultural goods and services, charitable and social services, religious entities, media, financial institutions and insurance, construction, hardware stores, professional services, mail, education, manufacturing and supply chain, hotels, liquor stores, and funeral services.

Businesses that do not fall within one of the designated categories of Essential Businesses who believe they may be essential, may apply to the Dept of Revenue to be deemed an Essential Business. The Dept of Revenue may grant such an application if it determines that it is in the best interest of the State to have the business continue operations. The business may continue to operate while an application is pending with DOR.

This order does not preempt any local ordinances which are already in place or which may be imposed – meaning local governments may impose more restrictive requirements.

The Governor also intends to reduce the permitted size of mass gatherings to a maximum of 10 people – exceptions for grocery stores and other essential businesses continue to be in place.

The order is expected to go into effect at 5:00 pm on Monday, and remain in effect for 30 days.

Please let my office if you have questions. I will discuss in more detail on the a call with our attorney today at 4:30 pm (note the new time after release of the order at 4:00)”

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