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By Cara Beth Lewis

DreamWorks is more than just a gym. As a growing ministry of Foundation Church, it offers many amenities, resources, and services to the community. DreamWorks staff says, “We believe that God’s love can change lives and should be demonstrated on a regular basis, rather than just at church on Sunday morning.”

The staff at DreamWorks has a goal to help others reach their goals. They believe that with some encouragement and positivity, goals can be reached. Because of that, they offer many services in a variety of categories. From physical wellness, to mental health resources, business management, and tutoring, DreamWorks has a heart for the community.

Read about what DreamWorks offers below:

(Information provided by Jayme Frady of DreamWorks)

• Gym Access: We offer a 17,500 square foot facility that allows our community to stretch out and pursue their goals all at a low cost. Our members have access to both our main gym, level up room, and 24 hour section. Our goal is to fuel your day + future with national options through our Nutrition Bar + Shop:

• Fuel’d Nutrition Bar: This year we saw the need to offer healthier options for our community to consume. We went through a long process of testing a variety of brands and products to ensure we were offering the best! After months of searching, testing, and perfecting our recipes we are pleased with our current selection. We had a soft opening with our new options in November/December 2021 and fully opened in January 2022 to start the new year off right. Within each of our selections they are backed by 40+ years of proven results and go through intense testing to ensure health benefits. Drinks we currently offer include:

• Meal replacement + protein shakes that include 21+ essential vitamins and minerals, 24 grams of protein (can include more when asked), 8-10 grams sugar, and 8-10 grams carbs. A few of our best sellers: Banana nut muffin, Peanut butter cup, and Banana pudding, among many others.

• Tea Bombs that are loaded with b12, metabolism boosters, extra focus through access to our herbal tea concentrate, aloe for digestive health, less than ONE gram of sugar, extra energy with zero crash, all in a 32 oz cup of greatness. We can make any flavor combos you like, but some of our best sellers include: Beauty bomb, Focus bomb, Muscle bomb, among many others.

• Protein Iced Coffees that are packed with 16 grams of protein, 190 calories, 8-12 grams sugar, and 80mg caffeine. We currently offer two flavor choices: Snickers and Mocha.

You can always call ahead to have your order ready for you!

Link: https://www.dreamworksbladen.com/fueld-nutrition-bar

• Nutrition Shop: We noticed that most of our members were traveling out of town to have access to supplement options. To relieve their travels we asked our members if they would like the option to have access closer to home and in a place they already come. We received great feedback and decided to pursue being Bladen County’s only nutrition shop! We offer a wide range of products including: immune support, muscle recovery, muscle growth, digestive support, essential vitamins, protein powders, and more! In addition, we also offer body composition scans to measure the amount of bone, fat, and muscle you hold. These scans will allow you to track your progress as you pursue your wellness journey. They are currently $10 per scan or free with our level up membership. Link to our shop: https://www.dreamworksbladen.com/fueld-nutrition-shop

• Tanning Access: We have two beds available for use – stand up and lay down. Both are always sanitized fully before and after anyone uses them. In addition to offering tanning minutes in our Level Up + Dream Deal, we also offer a tanning package separately – $35.03 for 100 minutes, $52.54/mo for unlimited, $70.05 for 300 minutes. Link: https://www.dreamworksbladen.com/copy-of-monthly-schedule

• FREE Mental Health Services: DreamWorks and the Bladen Disaster Recovery Team partnered up to provide mental health and substance abuse counseling to those in need. We provide individual counseling as well as group counseling when available. Our licensed therapist on staff is Meredith DuBose in addition to two interns that assist her. Meredith is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate (LCMHCA) and a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist (LCAS). She works with clients dealing with any mental health issue, grief, depression, anxiety, and more in addition to substance abuse. She has worked in the mental health/substance abuse field for 5 years in a variety of settings including in-patient treatment, community services, and state funded programs. DreamWorks counseling serves all ages and populations. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call us at 910-635-2678 or email dreamworkscounseling@gmail.com. Link: https://www.dreamworksbladen.com/mental-health

• Business Partnership: Maybe you have heard the phrase, “It’s lonely at the top” in the business management world. We believe that no leader in our community should have to feel alone. We want to empower you, because communities just like ours die without people like you. We simply realize that you are an asset to our community and we want to help you succeed at both life and business. Here is just some of the ways we can help:

We bring your ideas to life in an effort to help you stand out from the crowd and in turn grow and market your business in this digital world. We do this by helping you showcase and build your brand through the use of: logo design, web design, ads, printed collateral, social media campaigns/management, apparel and so much more. A few social accounts we have worked with include: The Dive Sandwich Shop, Goldston’s Sandwich Shop, The Landing Place, The Wake Shop, Sassy Sams Cleaning, Hilton Company, HD3, Holey Moley, and various others at White Lake. In addition, we can bring hope and influence to your employees so they can feel better about themselves and accomplish more. We do this by offering support services such as: mental health, addiction, and spiritual counseling, career readiness,culture training, and more!

To get the help and support you need, call to schedule a free consultation today! Link: https://www.dreamworksbladen.com/business-development

• Academy: We offer a wide range of child services to assist in educational development. Our Director, Kellye Hales, is a native of Bladen County and a certified 20-year veteran teacher. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a minor in Biology. Her teaching career started at Elizabethtown Middle School in 2001 teaching sixth grade and taught there for 6 years. She then moved to Elizabethtown Primary School and taught third grade for 2 years before transferring to Columbus Charter School for the next eleven years. When Emereau was established, she decided to come back home and teach fourth and fifth grades. She has had the opportunity to teach all grades from third through eighth. It is known her main priority is to ensure all students’ needs are met and they can be successful. Kellye can be reached at 910-322-7616 or by email at dreamworkseducare@gmail.com.

Services within our Academy include:

• Educare: Provides an alternative educational child care strategy for their kids in grades K-8. EduCare is missional after school child care. Through EduCare, we offer: faith based learning, small group instruction, station rotations (including math, science, reading/writing, art, and PE), snacks provided during after school care, and snacks + lunch provided on full days.

• NEW HomeSchool Co-Op: We will ensure your child receives a quality education, social networking and skill development in a positive, faith-based environment. We believe this is just the support you and your child need for every day or select days.

“As a teacher of 21 years, I have had the opportunity to teach in many environments and over 2000 different students. I have taught whole language, direct instruction, reading first, and in the open classroom setting with flexible seating. What I noticed in all settings, is all students learn differently and some just need extra one on one help. Through the pandemic, my eyes were opened when I saw the massive struggle the students faced having to learn virtually and face to face. My heart broke for them and the families. I wanted to be able to help assist students in any way possible so they could be successful and achieve their goals. Homeschool co-op gives students the chance to better tailor their education to fit their individual needs and achieve success. I will continue to use a curriculum that aligns with the NC standards.” – Educare Director, Kellye Hales.

• Tutoring: We currently are offering one-on-one sessions throughout the summer to assist children in our community. Following summer we will offer tutoring through our Educare program.

• NEW Pre-K: We saw an overflowing need to offer an additional program focused towards getting children ready for kindergarten. They must be 4 or 5 years old by August 30. The school day will be Monday-Friday from 8-12 at our sister location, Foundation Church.

Link to Academy services: https://www.dreamworksbladen.com/copy-of-educare

The staff at DreamWorks shared with BladenOnline, “DreamWorks fully opened in January of 2020 right before the pandemic hit. The pandemic created both highs and lows for us, but nothing was more exciting than seeing our community further their health in the midst of everything going on.” Since opening, DreamWorks has grown and had the opportunity to offer new services, hire new employees, and better serve their members and the surrounding community.

DreamWorks has hired a Graphic Designer, Shelley Tyree. She serves at DreamWorks by providing website creations, logo designs, t-shirt designs, and deliverables. Jayme Frady is the Social Media Specialist, who manages various social pages and aids in growing the business development team to offer social media management, website management, content creation, and deliverables for our community. The staff at DreamWorks added, “We have also been able to grow our front staff account for our steadily growing facility. In addition to offering more group classes for our members to enjoy such as zumba, lit cardio, xtreme hip-hop, gymnastics, tumbling, cheer prep, chair aerobics, while also offering the connection of many personal trainers. The overall look of our facility has changed completely. We have rebranded, repainted colors that were different from anywhere else, and added new equipment pieces.”

“Since opening, we have continued to expand our services to be a community resource center. Now we have our business development services for businesses looking for marketing assistance, staffing, and employee wellness programs. Recently, Salvation Army of the Cape Fear region has occupied office space to assist qualified people with utilities, rent, or mortgage payments, and more! Some may not know this, but Dream Works is a non-profit through the work of Foundation Church. We always dreamed of helping people improve their quality of life through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health – Here we are doing just that and we couldn’t feel more blessed to be able to do so in many different ways! ”– Jason Williams, Foundation Church Pastor

DreamWorks website: https://www.dreamworksbladen.com/
DreamWorks number: 910.991.3029
DreamWorks location: 1001 W Broad Street Elizabethtown NC 28337

Monday-Thursday: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Friday: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Sunday: closed

DW Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamworksbladen
DW Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dreamworksbladen/
Fuel’d Nutrition Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fueldnutrition
Fuel’d Nutrition Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fueldnutrition.dw/

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