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By Charlotte Smith

A remarkable enterprise is soaring to new heights in a bustling corner of Elizabethtown, changing the aviation landscape and inspiring aviators to reach for the skies. Meet Sovereign Aerospace, a trailblazing LLC management company overseeing a cluster of aviation businesses with a core focus on pilot training, aviation maintenance, veterans’ transition, and more in Carthage and Elizabethtown, North Carolina.

In a candid conversation with BladenOnline, James Boisselle, Assistant Airport Manager, and Ken Hadaway, CFO and Airport Manager at Sovereign Aerospace and Sandhills Fliers, shed light on their exceptional services and the passion that propels their operation.

“Sovereign Aerospace thrives as a proud Veteran-owned, Christian-affiliated business,” shared Hadaway, emphasizing their commitment to excellence in all endeavors. He further outlined their mission: fostering a sense of community among aviators while imparting new skill sets that amplify their proficiency in the aviation realm.

Sovereign Aerospace Team
Photo from their website: https://www.sovaero.com/

Sovereign Aerospace has forged a symbiotic partnership with the town of Elizabethtown to oversee Fixed Base Operations (FBO) at Curtis L. Brown Jr Field (KEYF). Boisselle elaborated on the manifold offerings, highlighting training programs encompassing certified Sport, Private Pilot, and Commercial Licenses. Their repertoire extends to distinctive specialized courses, including High Performance, Complex, Instrument Rating IFT, and Certified Flight Instructor certifications.

“Affordable fuel rates to entice aviators are part of our allure,” Boisselle added, underscoring their dedication to enhancing the aviation experience. With 20 hangars and two aircraft available for rent, they provide cost-effective options like the N19NT aircraft for students and time-builders.

A testament to their impact, the local airport welcomes an average of 15 to 20 landings daily, illuminating the vigor of the aviation community in Elizabethtown. With strategic locations at Moore County Airport in Carthage and Curtis L Brown Jr. Field in Elizabethtown, Sovereign Aerospace is diligently shaping the future of flight.

In tandem with their aviation pursuits, Sovereign Aerospace is also nurturing aviation education. “Keep an eye out for Ground School classes,” urged Hadaway, revealing their plans to host these instructive sessions at the FBO conference room during the upcoming 90-day period.

As Sovereign Aerospace continues elevating Elizabethtown’s aviation landscape, local residents and enthusiasts can experience their prowess firsthand. The Elizabethtown airport at 466 Airport Rd extends its warm welcome to the public from 8 am to 5:30 pm Tuesday through Thursday.

“We’re thrilled about the upcoming runway enhancements,” Hadaway expressed, underlining the dedication to improving aviation infrastructure. The airport will temporarily close to aircraft due to paving works, a testament to their commitment to providing top-tier facilities.

With its resolute dedication to aviation excellence and community enrichment, Sovereign Aerospace is undeniably steering Elizabethtown toward a brighter and more exhilarating aviation future.

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