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State Employees Can Get Paid Leave to Help During Upcoming Elections

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State employees may use up to 24 hours of Community Service Leave (CSL) to serve in roles needed by their County Board of Elections during Early Voting (Oct. 15-31) and on Election Day (Nov. 3).

Needs vary by county, but County Boards of Election are actively recruiting and training volunteers. To learn about local needs, visit Democracy Heroes or contact your County Board directly through the State Board of Elections website.

The Bladen County Board of Elections Director, Chirs Williams sent out the announcement about the State Employees paid leave to help during the upcoming elections. In the announcement stated, ‘Help your fellow North Carolinians exercise their right to vote by volunteering with your County Board of Elections during the upcoming elections. Because of a state and national shortage of poll workers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a special exception has been granted to allow state employees up to three days (24 hours) of paid time off to fill needs of their County Board of Elections.”

Supervisor approval is required for state employees to use this special CSL and participants will need to provide proof of time worked at the polls to their supervisor. Because compensation of poll workers is mandated, state employees who are needed by the County Board of Elections to perform elections tasks and will be permitted to accept compensation.

For additional information about using CSL to volunteer as a poll worker, please review FAQs posted to the Office of State Human Resources website or contact your Agency Human Resources Office.