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1830 – 1st American built locomotive, “Tom Thumb” races a horse-drawn car from Stockton and Stokes stagecoach company from Baltimore to Ellicott Mills. Let history record that due to mechanical problems the horse won!

1837 – Pharmacists John Lea & Williams Perrins manufacture Worcestershire Sauce.

1884 – First known photograph of a tornado is made near Howard, South Dakota.

1907 – United Parcel Service is founded by James E. Casey in Seattle, Washington.

1911 – 45.7 cm rainfall at St. George, Georgia (state record)

1922 – WEAF in NYC airs 1st radio commercial (Queensboro Realty-$100 for 10 minutes)

1937 – Toyota Motors becomes an independent company.

1938 – Northwestern University awards honorary degree to dummy Charlie McCarthy.

1944 – US air raid on Ambon Island, Dutch East Indies.

1953 – “Me & Juliet” opens at Majestic Theater NYC for 358 performances.

1957 – US Senator James Thurmond (Rep. SC) begins 24-hr filibuster against civil rights bill.

1958 – Nellie Fox sets record for consecutive games without striking out (98)

1963 – Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers his “I have a dream speech” addressing civil rights march at Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.

1965 – 1st Subway sandwich shop opens in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

1981 – John Hinckley Jr. pleads innocent in attempt to assassinate President Reagan.

1986 – US Navy officer Jerry A. Whitworth sentenced to 365 years for spying.

1990 – F5 strength tornado hits Plainfield, Illinois, killing 29 and injuring 353.

2012 – Mitt Romney is officially nominated as the United States Republican Party’s candidate.

2013 – China and Russia walk out of a UN Security Council meeting after the US pushes for immediate action against Syria’s use of chemical weapons.

2018 – Puerto Rico official death toll of 2017 Hurricane Maria from 64 to 2,975.

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