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1842 – US-Canada border defined by Webster-Ashburton Treaty.

1904 – Libanus McLouth Todd of Rochester, New York patents his check-writing machine, the Protectograph designed to protect against check forgers.

1910 – Alva Fisher patents electric washing machine.

1918 – Reds manager Christy Mathewson suspects Hal Chase of taking bribes to fix games, and suspends him “for indifferent play”

1930 – 113 F at Perryville, Tennessee (state records)

1944 – Smokey Bear debuts as spokesman for fire prevention.

1945 – US drops 2nd atomic bomb “Fat Man” on Japan destroys part of Nagasaki.

1956 – 1st state-wide state-supported educational RV network, Alabama.

1969 – Manson family commits Tate-LaBianca murders.

1974 – Richard Nixon resigns as President of the United States and Vice President Gerald Ford swears the oath of office to take his place as the 38th US President.

1975 – Dodger Davey Lopes steals record 32nd consecutive base without being caught.

1984 – STS 42-D vehicle again moves out to launch pad.

1994 – Phil Rizzuto Hall of Fame Night.

1997 – Security guard Abner Louima attacked by NYC police.

2001 – US President George W. Bush announces his support for federal funding of limited research on embryonic stem cells.

2015 – At Ferguson anniversary of the shooting of unarmed Michael Brown, a man is shot and a state of emergency declared.

2017 – North Korea says it plans to fire rockets on US territory Guam in continuing escalation of tension between it and the US.

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