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1782 – 1st nautical almanac in US published by Samuel Stearns, Boston.

1813 – British burn Buffalo, New York during war of 1812.

1848 – Gas lights 1st installed at White House (Polk’s administration)

1852 – Emma Snodgrass arrested in Boston for wearing pants.

1902 – “The Entertainer” is one of several piano rag compositions copyrighted for Scott Joplin by the US Copyright Office.

1930 – Fred P. Newton completes longest swim ever (1826 miles), when he swam in the Mississippi River from Ford Dam, Minnesota, to New Orleans.

1933 – “Sons of the Desert” film directed by William A. Seiter starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy is released.

1937 – Pan Am airlines starts service between San Francisco and Auckland, New Zealand.

1948 – US State Department announces work on placing objects into Earth orbit.

1955 – Barbra Streisand’s 1st recording “You’ll Never Know” at age 13.

1963 – National Football League Championship, Wrigley Field, Chicago: Chicago Bears beat New York Giants, 14-10; Giants 3rd consecutive championship defeat; played in temperatures under 10 degrees F.

1963 – CBS purchases NFL TV rights for 1966-68 at $18.8 million per year.

1965 – The Supremes release “My World is Empty Without You”

1969 – NY Times reports Curt Flood will sue baseball and challenge the reserve clause.

1970 – Occupational Safety and Health Act (United States) signed into law by President Richard M. Nixon.

1975 – 11 killed, 75 hurt by terrorist bomb at LaGuardia Airport in NYC.

1982 – Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant ends his career with Alabama (323 wins)

1989 – Jan Pauley says goodbye to NBC’s “Today” show.

1989 – Wayne Gretzky and Martina Navratilova, named athletes of decade by the Associated Press.

2007 – Tom Brady sets a then-NFL record, throwing his 50th TD pass, and the New England Patriots become the first team in NFL history to finish the regular season 16-0.

2016 – US President Barak Obama retaliates against Russia for hacking American computer systems and trying to influence the 2016 presidential election by ejecting 35 Russian spies and imposing sanctions.

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