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1853 – Envelope-folding machine patented by Russell Hawes in Worchester, Massachusetts.

1899 – Opel manufactures its first automobile.

1908 – “Sullivan Ordinance” is passed in NYC, making it illegal for woman to smoke in public places.  It was vetoed 2 weeks later by mayor George B. McClellan, Jr.

1915 – Kiwanis International founded in Detroit.

1927 – 1st national opera broadcast from a US opera house (Faust, Chicago)

1941 – 1st commercial extraction of magnesium from seawater, Freeport, Texas.

1942 – Count Basie records “One O’clock Jump”

1950 – New York jury finds former State Department official Alger Hiss guilty of perjury.

1953 – John Foster Dulles appointed as US Secretary of State.

1954 – 4th NBA All-Star Game, Madison Square Garden, NYC: East beats West, 98-93 (OT); MVP: Bob Cousy, Boston Celtic, PG.

1962 – Snow falls in San Francisco.

1967 – US female Figure Skating championship won by Peggy Fleming.

1971 – “Alias Smith & Jones” premieres on ABC TV.

1977 – US President Jimmy Carter pardons almost all Vietnam War draft evaders.

1983 – President Reagan certifies El Salvador human-rights abuses have decreased making country eligible for US military aid.

1985 – -34 degrees F, Mt. Mitchell, North Carolina (state record)

1988 – US accepts immigration of 30,000 US-Vietnamese children.

1992 – Bill Cowher becomes the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, becoming only the second head coach of the team since 1970 (Chuck Noll)

2010 – LA Lakers forward Kobe Bryant becomes the youngest NBA player to reach 25,000 career points at 31 years, 151 days; beats Wilt Chamberlain by 35 days.

2017 – More than 2 million people protest worldwide in the “Women’s March” against Donald Trump, with 500,000 marching in Washington, D.C.

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