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1816 – US Supreme Court affirms its right to review state court decisions.

1865 – 2nd day of Battle of Bentonville, North Carolina.

1911 – Winter Garden Theater opens at 1634 Broadway, NYC.

1917 – After the sinking of 3 more American merchant ships, US President Woodrow Wilson meets with cabinet, who agree that war is inevitable.

1930 – American fast food restaurant chain “KFC” {Kentucky Fried Chicken} is founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in North Corbin, Kentucky.

1942 – General Douglas MacArthur vows “I came through and I shall return” after escaping the Japanese occupied Philippines.

1944 – 2,500 women trampled guards and floorwalkers to purchase 1,500 alarm clocks announced for sale in a Chicago Illinois department store.

1952 – 24th Academy Awards: “An American in Paris”, Humphrey Bogart & Vivien Leigh win.

1956 – Union workers ended a 156-day strike at Westinghouse Electric Corp.

1965 – 27th NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship: UCLA beats Michigan, 91-80, Bruins’ back-to-back National titles; Gail Goodrich, 42 points.

1968 – LBJ signs a bill removing gold backing from US paper money.

1973 – Pittsburgh Pirates right fielder Roberto Clemente elected to Baseball’s Hall of Fame, 11 weeks after his death in a plane crash.

1980 – US appeals to international Court on hostages in Iran.

1984 – US Senate rejects amendment to permit spoken prayer in public schools.

1991 – Michael Jackson signs $54M deal with Sony Records to produce 6 albums.

1997 – Liggett admits cigarettes are addictive.

2001 – Petrobras 36 Oil Platform, the world’s largest oil rig, sinks with 400,000 US gallons of fuel and crude oil aboard, after suffering three explosions on March 15.

2006 – Cyclone Larry makes landfall in eastern Australia, destroying most of the country’s banana crop.

2016 – Barack Obama becomes the first US President to visit Cuba since 1928, arriving for 3 day tour.

2019 – The Walt Disney Company acquires Rupert Murdock’s 21st Century Fox entertainment business for $71 billion.

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