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1800 – US population: 5,308,483; African American population 1,002,037 (18.9%).

1815 – Burned US Library of Congress re-established with Thomas Jefferson’s 6,500 volumes.

1835 – Richard Lawrence misfires at President Andrew Jackson in Washington, D.C. in 1st attempted assassination of a US President.

1928 – 1st radio telephone connection between Netherlands & US.

1931 – “City Lights”, American silent romantic comedy film directed by Charlie Chaplin, starring himself and Virginia Cherrill, premieres at Los Angeles Theater.

1933 – “Lone Ranger” begins 21-year run on ABC radio.

1943 – USS Chicago sinks in Pacific Ocean.

1944 – World War II: United States troops land on Majuro, Marshall Islands.

1952 – Korean War truce talks deadlock.

1956 – Martin Luther King Jr.s home bombed.

1958 – Baseball announces players & coaches rather than fans pick all stars.

1960 – CIA OKs Lockheed to produce a new U-2 aircraft (Oxcart)

1961 – “I Fall to Pieces” single released by Patsy Cline (Billboard Song of the Year 1961)

1971 – UCLA starts 88 basketball game win streak.

1975 – Erno Rubik applies for a patent for his “Magic Cube” invention, later to be known as a Rubik’s cube.

1977 – 8th (final) part of “Roots” is most-watched US entertainment show ever (100 million)

1989 – The American embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan closes.

1995 – Workers from the National Institutes of Health announce the success of clinical trials testing the first preventive treatment for sickle-cell disease.

2003 – Richard Reid sentenced to life in prison for attempting to bomb an American Airlines flight with 197 on board.

2011 – 58th NHL All-Stars Game: Team Lidstrom beats Team Staal 11-10 at Raleigh, N.C.