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This Day In History1778—Liberty Bell came home to Philadelphia after the British departure.
1847—New York & Boston linked by telegraph wires.
1867—Bank of California opens doors.
1893—Great stock crash on NY stock exchange.
1917—1st baseball player (Hank Gowdy) to enter WW I military service.
1929—1st color TV demo (NYC)
1934—Federal Savings & Loan Association created.
1939—Brooklyn Dodgers tie Boston Braves, 2-2, in 23 innings.
1950—North Koreans troops reach Seoul, UN asks members to aid South Korea, Harry Truman orders Air Force & Navy into Korean conflict.
1955—1st automobile seat belt legislation enacted (Illinois)
1959—“West Side Story” closes at Winter Garden Theater in NYC after 734 performances.
1962—Ross Perot begins Electronic Data Systems.
1964—Jan & Dean release “Little Old Lady from Pasadena”
1973—John W. Dean tells Watergate Committee about Nixon’s “enemies list”
1974—“Flip Wilson Show” last airs on NBC-TV.
1980—US revives draft registration.
1987—Supreme Court Justice Powell retires.
1994—NY Daily News increases prices to 50 cents.
2008—Bill Gates steps down as Chairman of Microsoft Corporation to work full time for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
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