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This Week at NCDOT: Busy Summer at DMV, Litter Cleanup and Drone Safety

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RALEIGH – The following are highlights from this week at the N.C. Department of Transportation. The stories below are also featured in NCDOT Now, the department’s weekly newscast.

DMV Anticipates Busy Summer

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles is anticipating a busy summer. The DMV points to several factors that will play a role in the rise in customer demand at license offices, including:

  • Many people waiting until they were vaccinated to conduct in-person business.
  • A backlog of teen drivers who needed to wait until COVID-19 restrictions were lifted to take their required road tests for a Class 3 license.
  • Summer is typically the busiest time for the DMV.

Due to expected rise in demand, the DMV has increased capacity by adding new offices, including walk-in locations, added Saturday hours and extended weekday hours at busier offices, hired new examiners and increased the number of online services.

During these busy summer months, the DMV encourages people to wait until after Labor Day if possible and use online services and schedule an appointment at

7 Million Pounds of Litter Collected

The N.C. Department of Transportation’s crews, contractors and volunteers have collected over 7 million pounds of litter statewide since the start of the year.

This year’s total litter collection surpasses the 6.3 million pounds collected in 2020 and puts the department on track to exceed the record setting 10.5 million pounds collected in 2019. However, everyone must continue to do their part to keep North Carolina clean. The most effective way to stop litter is to prevent it from ending up on roadways in the first place. So please follow these rules when it comes litter:

  • Secure your load before driving.
  • Clear any loose items from your truck bed.
  • Keep a trash bag in your vehicle and never throw garbage out of your vehicle. Dispose of it properly.
  • Recycle when possible.

Fly Drones Safely this Summer

More North Carolina residents and visitors are expected to use their personal drones this summer than ever before. As such, NCDOT’s Division of Aviation has provided eight tips to ensure all drone pilots are flying safely and legally.

  • Always fly within 400 feet of ground level.
  • Never fly near airports.
  • Avoid flying over events or crowds.
  • Don’t fly at night, even if your drone has lights.
  • Never fly directly over people.
  • Don’t fly near or above prisons.
  • Respect people’s privacy.
  • Always keep the drone within your visual line of sight.

For more information, go to

For more information about NCDOT Now, contact the NCDOT Communications Office at (919) 707-2660. Additional news stories from throughout the week can be found on

NCDOT’s Weekly Cash Watch Report

RALEIGH – To be open and transparent and to comply with Session Law 2019-251 of the N.C. General Assembly, the N.C. Department of Transportation will issue a news release each Friday publishing the weekly “NCDOT Cash Watch Numbers” report, which is a snapshot of NCDOT expenditures.

For holidays when NCDOT offices are closed, the release and report will be published on the closest business day.

The latest cash report, as well as previous reports, can be viewed on this NCDOT webpage.

Each report opens with what the combined cash balance was in the preceding report. The report includes receipts; a list of disbursements in broad categories; and ending combined cash balance. In addition, the report includes a snapshot of “reserved cash” balances. These funds are dedicated to specific projects and are held in what is called a “Trustee Account” until they are disbursed to pay for work completed on projects funded with Build NC bonds, GARVEE bonds or Energy Savings-Roadway lighting funds.

Cash balance fluctuates from day to day as revenue comes in and disbursements are made. The official monthly cash balance is determined at the close of each month as line items are reconciled. Weekly balances are not indicative of what the final monthly cash balance will be.

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