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Thoughts While Shaving

Thoughts While ShavingEver have one of those nights….sleep well for a while, wake up and begin to toss and tumble..for no apparent reason?  Had one of those last night….Went back to bed after a two hour period of sitting in a recliner…then had a dream related to looking for a radio station somewhere in the country around Benson, NC…explain that…Visited with some nice folks, but they could not tell me how to get ‘there’….wherever ‘there’ was….
The new Bladenboro Community Building is very nice, hope it is used….It replaces an old, much used facility in the downtown area.
I am looking forward to the Super Bowl Sunday.  My sons and grandson pick the winners throughout the NFL season and into the playoffs…Makes for a little competition and provides braggin’ rights for the winner..I did not score well in regular season …However, two of us are tied for the top spot in the playoffs…and a bad pick would spoil my day….and the playoffs…Decisions, decisions…just like in life…
Several have ask about Janice Johnson recently.  Janice was my walking partner for many years. On September 11, 2014 she was involved in a two vehicle accident near Bladen Community College and was critically injured.  She was a patient in New Hanover hospital for weeks, moved to a rehab center in Wilmington and was recently moved to the rehab department at Pender County hospital in Burgaw. She has improved, but improvement is coming slowly.  Halo has been removed and another contraption to keep her neck in place was recently removed.  Dale, her son, and his bride live nearby….She has a long way to go, but if anyone can do it she can… sad…I miss her and I know others do as well…
Faith is personal, but never private.
Tears are the baptism of the soul.
Turn the despair of being alone into the wonder of being alone with God.
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