Thoughts While Shaving
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Well, well, the filing season is over for the 2016 election and locally, I am surprised, disappointed at the lack of interest in the races for Board of Education and Board of Commissioners, not about who is running, but those that just sit on the sidelines and moan and groan, complain and condemn but will not, do not participate.

Been ask about the at large race for Bladen County commissioner.  4 Democrats are seeking 3 seats in the March 15 primary election.  There are two Republicans, so no primary election.  Both Billy Ray Britt and David Gooden will advance to the November general election and face the 3 Democratic winners…3 of the 5 candidates will be elected to a 4 year term.  The kicker is Bladen County voters can vote for only one of the three..in this ‘quirky’ Bladen County election process.  Only in Bladen…

Billy Ray Pait and Dr. Delilah Blanks did not file for re-election.  Both have served for many, many years.

I require little sleep…awake early in the AM and count sheep or count my blessings….This AM, I counted my blessings.  Thought about family, a spouse, 2 sons, a daughter-in-law and 2 wonderful grandchildren.  I thought about 5 siblings, their spouses and children.  My parents and grandparents, uncle, aunts, cousins and great-great grandparents.

For the most part, great folks, salt of the earth, blue collar workers.  Thought about my immediate family and siblings and so far as I could tell, none have ever spent any time in a jail or prison, all are productive citizens, none on public assistance (that I am aware of).  My grandson graduated from NC State with an Engineering degree and is gainfully employed in the Raleigh area.  My lone granddaughter will be, if all goes according to plan, our first Doctor.  She was recently accepted to dental school.  One son is nearing 30 years as the Johnston County County  Manager, another has been a Food Lion truck driver for over 10 years and a daughter-in-law who recently made a career change moving from a long time supervisor at one hospital to another position with Duke Hospital with emphasis on cancer related efforts.

My siblings range in age from early 60’s to mid 70’s and all remain active, in the private sector, one is a minister who still pastors a church full-time, one retired but has been successful for years in his own private business, one, along with her husband are active in missionary type work and have worked and continue to work on projects in just about every state in the nation.  Another sibling recently retired after spending most of his life as a long distance truck driver and one, the youngest (60s), recently earned her Masters Degree and continues to work as a librarian in the western part of Virginia.  Think mom is happy, at least I hope so.  Not bragging, but proud of all.

And we, my bride and I, will spend Christmas Day with all.  Our immediate family will be with us in Happy Valley and in the evening, we will be with my siblings.

Not as easy to get in-laws together. A couple of her siblings are deceased, some experiencing health related issues  They are scattered around in the Raleigh, Benson, New Hanover and Duplin County areas.

If you have waited til the last minute to complete your shopping, best of luck…And if your are traveling, be careful.  Rain, fog and water standing in some areas of the roadway as of early Wednesday morning.  And, in Happy Valley near Elizabethtown, rainfall totaled 2.3 inches over the past couple of days, as of 6 AM today (Wednesday) and the rain was still coming down.

One suggestion, why not give BladenOnline as a Christmas gift this year.  Just think of a family or an individual who no longer lives in Bladen, maybe a college students, anyone who would like to keep up with Bladen County activities.  Email BladenOnline and if they are interested they can link to the site.  There is no cost to the giver or the recipient.  Just a thought. HO HO HO.

42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.

A clean desk is a sign of a cluttered desk drawer.

And I have heard…It’s lonely at the top, but you eat better.


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