Thoughts While Shaving
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Thoughts While Shaving

World Series, game 5,
Houston Astros 13 – LA Dodgers 12 in 10 innings.  Astros lead the best of 7 series 3-2.

Pittsburgh Steelers 20 – Detroit Lions 15.

Tonight’s NFL action, Denver Broncos at KC Chiefs.  Gametime 8:30 PM.

Halloween is tomorrow.  2018 is just around the corner.

Remember when there were ‘hitching post’ in Bladen County towns, in fact, all across the USA?  For the youngsters, when you travel to town in a mule and wagon, or rode horseback, there were designated places where you could ‘hitch’ your mule or horse.  Just need a short rope to tie to the hitching post, and on Saturday, could be several animals hitched up.

Thinking back to the 50s and 60s, dad would purchase small amounts of candy..usually Kits or Mary Janes.  Seldom see them now, may not make them anymore.  As I recall, they would stick to your teeth, but sooooo good.

According to our ‘stat’ person, October is already a record breaker for BladenOnline.  With 3 days remaining, our total page views totaled 683,721, or about 8,000 more than any month in our history.

Another good week last week, October 22-28, 2017, 145,504 page views and our Visits totaled 27,790, not a record, but well above average.

Our Most Read Stories on the Internet:
11,436: House fire near Clarkton on NC 211
5,933: West Bladen student charged with carrying gun to school
2,539: A parent’s story of watching a child battle addiction.

Another great week on Facebook and Twitter!  Thanks and stay tuned, more good news coming.

How about sophomore Lacey Suggs, former East Bladen star, being named co-captain of UNCW basketball team?  And, she played little or none as a freshman.  Her stock is rising, can’t wait.

Had some nice comments about BladenOnline and “Thoughts” while I was in Bladenboro, Saturday.  Some wonder about where I get my material.  A high percentage is ‘off the wall’, no rhyme or reason, just ‘Thoughts’.

Life is all about having a good time.  Miley Cyrus

If you’re not having a good time, find something else that gives you some joy in life.  Penny Marshall

Really, contrary to popular belief, I like to have a good time and not take myself too seriously.  Jake Gylienhaal

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