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Elizabethtown’s Minor League All Stars lost 7-3 Sunday, but like the Bladen County All Stars a week ago, you represented us well. We are proud of both teams. How many youngsters played Dixie Youth baseball this year, and when it was time for the best to play the best, we had two teams in the World Series.

Can you imagine … 40, 50, 60 years from now when these youngsters look back and tell their grandchildren about 2019 when they played in the World Series in Louisiana, and what a great experience it was? And, how they shared the experience with their parents, other family members and friends.

Was on the road most of yesterday, traveling through the low country of South Carolina and into Georgia. Beautiful day, then the rain came. Sheets of water with lightning … no idea how much rainfall in any given area, but it apparently was needed here, like back home. Checked rainfall at Curtis Brown Airport, about an inch and a half. Better late than not at all.

Checking BladenOnline stats for last week….

July 28 – August 3
Page Views: 55,443
Visits: 24,422

July 21 – July 27
Page Views – 45,252
Visits – 17,339


3,291 Mistrial for MacKenzie Brisson

2,763 Newly renovated restaurant now open

1,627 Obituary – Betty Wallace, 83, Clarkton

1,063 Dixie Pre Majors World Series..Bladen County 13, Laurel Mississippi 3.

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LIfe is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

I’ve decided to sell my Hoover – it was just collecting dust.

“Toughest job I ever had? Selling doors, door-to-door.” Bill Bailey

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