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The ‘financial walls’ come tumblin’ down yesterday. … Dow Jones average dropped over 800 points! Let’s hope for a better day today and in the future. 401K’s and other type retirement funds are greatly affected. … This too shall pass, hopefully without great longtime harm.

I moved to Elizabethtown in the early ’60s from Bladenboro. … I met some interesting characters, no names will be mentioned, but overheard one lifelong resident talking about the last ‘hanging’ near the courthouse and heard another talking about ‘floating logs’ down the Cape Fear River. Old timers speaking about experiences they had witnessed. … My, my, times have changed, hopefully for the better.

Remember years ago, ’bout this time of year, tobacco markets were open and traveling evangelist would set-up their tents and few chairs between the N.C. National Guard Armory and Peanut Plant Road and hold a revival. Brothers and sisters, we will now pass the collection plate.

Interesting as I watch WECT, channel 6 daily and see scenes of Elizabethtown during news and more likely their weather shows, from their camera located on top of buildings at the corner of Broad and Poplar Streets. Good publicity for the area. Beautiful downtown scene.

The North Carolina Governor and Legislators appear to be in a ‘standoff’ in dealing with the 2019-20 state budget. Legislator approved, Governor vetoed several weeks ago … should have been effective July 1. … Governor says he made a counter offer, and no action from Legislators. Nothing new, but kinda sad. Grown men and women playing ‘hardball’, I suppose. I prefer that to both legislative bodies and the governor being all of one political party. It will eventually be approved, always has. State agencies continue services based on last years budget.

“Our intent will not be to create gridlock. Oh, except maybe from time to time.” Sen. Bob Dole, on working with the Clinton Administration.

“If ignorance goes to forty dollars a barrel, I want drilling rights to George Bush’s head.” Jim Hightower, former Texas Commissioner of Agriculture, referring to the elder Bush.

“Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.” Marion Berry, former mayor of Washington, D.C.

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