Thoughts While Shaving
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Had an interesting conversation recently with a friend who suffered from COVID-19 … I was not aware … Spent considerable time in an area hospital, and still dealing with some after-affects … The virus made a believer out of him and he made a believer out of me…

Saw an interview recently with a former member of Congress, and later was a staff person for the president … talking about how so much ‘unwanted pork’ is in budgets or new legislation … both parties no doubt use the same or similar process … He said many times it was put in the bill by staff, at the direction of a well-placed committee member … Have a 1,000, maybe a 2,000 page bill, using a fast turn-a-round process for passage … no way it could be found if no one is reading the proposed legislation with a fine-tooth comb approach … Bill passes, member of Congress gets something for a well placed donor or friend and it is seldom found … Just happened in the proposed bill now being debated in Congress … routine business and we pay … according to the person being interviewed…

I think often about folks with less than enough to survive … lack of food, not a good place to live, lack decent clothing … parents may or may not be what they should be, but youngsters should not be punished … I recall years ago, Elizabethtown Jaycees were sponsoring a Christmas Party for children ‘in-need’, names were provided by some local agency … A young male came, everyone knew he had a brother, who did not … When asked the youngster said they only had one pair of shoes and he was wearing them … Never forgot … Many among us are strugglin’ and some due to no fault of their own, especially youngsters…

NFL action last night … Buffalo Bills 38 – New England Patriots 9.

Sunny today, with a high near 55, a little windy, in the 5 to 11 mph range. Mostly clear tonight, low around 30. Wednesday, partly sunny, with a high near 55 and northeast wind 3 to 8 mph.

“Limit your ‘ALWAYS” and your “NEVERS.” Amy Poehler

“Sometimes you will never know the VALUE of a moment, until it becomes a MEMORY.” Dr. Suess

“It isn’t where you came from. It’s where you’re going that counts.” Ella Fitzgerald

“You get what you give.” Jennifer Lopez

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