Thoughts While Shaving
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NFL Wild Card Playoff results…
Bills 27 – Colts 24
Rans 30 – Seahawks 20
Bucs 31 – Washington 23

Today’s schedule
1:05 PM Ravens vs Titans
4:40 PM Bears vs Saints
8:15 PM Browns vs Steelers

Weather forecast for today … for January, NEAR PERFECT … Sunny, with a high near 51 … little or no wind. Tonight, mostly clear, with a low around 29 and calm wind. Monday’s forecast is for a chance of rain, mainly after 2 p.m., increasing clouds and a high near 51. Chance of precipitation is 40%, less than a tenth of rain expected. Chance of rain increases to 70% Monday night, low around 40 degrees.

I keep thinking holiday sweets will soon be gone, but I have the evidence … need larger pants, longer belt … have no willpower … frustrating…

It’s Sunday, church day … Attend the church of your choice, if you don’t have a regular church, you will be welcomed at Wesley’s Chapel, Peanut Plant Road, Elizabethtown…

I check local obits on a regular basis … yesterday was not a good day … Pray for families of deceased…

Hope the fundraiser was successful in the Clarkton area for a family who lost their belongings in a house fire in late November … Food was delicious … Chicken ‘n rice in January … ’bout as good as it gets … Cooks outdid themselves…

If you think time heals all wounds, try sitting it out in a doctor’s office.

So what if George Washington never told a lie — He never had to file a 1040 tax form either…

Television has opened many doors … mainly on refrigerators…

Integrity … being good even when nobody’s looking.

robert g hester

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