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Robert Hester, Founder of BladenOnline.comTo say we are living in interesting times is an understatement … More finger pointing than I have seen in a long time … Everybody blaming someone else … We are all in the boat together … If we sink, we all sink. If we rise above the fray, we all rise…

Guess it’s our human nature to point a finger at those we do not care for … Point one at those we think are the problem, most likely at least 3 are pointed at self…

‘Bout time to begin debating the national debt. Both parties are to blame, and no one is paying down, just paying the interest, I guess … Google the debt in dollars or percentage in each administration and see for yourself.

I Googled final Presidential Job Approval Ratings … not the debt…
Richard Nixon 24%
Harry Truman 32%
Jimmy Carter, George Bush and Donald Trump 34% each
Gerald Ford 53%
George Bush 56% (younger of the 2)
Barack Obama 59%
Dwight Eisenhower 59%
Ronald Reagan 63%
Bill Clinton 66%

Joe Biden’s current approval rating is in the very low 40% range … Diehards on either side of the political spectrum will likely disagree … OK by me … I just looked them up and reported my findings…

Sunny is our weather forecast for today with an high near 84. Clear and windy tonight, low near 42. Friday, sunny with a high near 63 … Best chance of rain is Monday night and Tuesday … ’bout 50% chance Tuesday…

Good day yesterday for my wealthy friends … Stock market up…

Some stock market sayings!!!!!

“This time is different”

“I’m waiting for a pullback”

“If you don’t understand it, then put your life savings into it!”

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