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Strollin’ thru this world today is an interesting trip. … You meet all kind of people, most really good folks … conservatives, liberals, middle of the roaders, unaffiliated … some who know it all, some you wonder about. … I just listen … do not and will not be ‘drawn’ into political discussions. … Not perfect, never claimed to be, but wonder how so many traveled the same road, but end up at different locations in the political arena … defending their thoughts as if it were from the ‘good book.’ None among us are perfect and none are all bad. … After over 80 years, and I am still looking for the perfect ‘one’.

I understand, we live in a free country, and there is room for all. … I will not condemn you for your thoughts and hope I am afforded the same rights and privileges … even when I refuse to listen to or be drawn into the conversation. Only one perfect one has ever made the trip and he was condemned and praised … and that was over 2,000 years ago.

And, when I have heard all I need to hear … a really good excuse is … ‘Sorry, I really need to visit the bathroom’.

Now, please give me room to step down from the stump…

Hope your Thanksgiving was good … very good for this Hester family … great food and conversation with most of our favorite loved ones.

If you subscribe to area newspapers, you … like me had a normal paper yesterday, but with hundreds of advertising slicks … and today the sales begin for sure. I placed the ‘slicks’ in the trash can yesterday and will be close to home today. Bless the shoppers … hope you have fun.

Shopping with local merchants is encouraged, as much as possible.

NFL scores from yesterday:
Bear 24 – Lions 20
Bills 26 – Cowboys
Saints 26 – Falcons 18

Area college basketball results:
Wake Forest 65 – College of Charleston 56
Michigan 73 – UNC 64
Memphis 83 – NC State 78

It’s a busy time in Bladen.

Political one-liners … all used before.

“In a recent fire, Bob Dole’s library burned down. Both books were lost … and he hadn’t even finished coloring one of them.” Jack Kemp.

“I am not one who … flamboyantly believes in throwing a lot of words around” George H.W. Bush.

“All that Hubert needs over there is a gal to answer the phone and a pencil with an eraser on it” Lyndon Johnson on Hubert Humphrey his vice-president.

robert g hester

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