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By Cara Beth Lewis 

Today is the day to celebrate National Just Because Day, just because! You can do what you please with no good reason, other than “just because.” Today you have the perfect opportunity to do whatever your heart desires.

Whether you eat cake for dinner, go to bed at 7 pm, dance in your kitchen, call your mom, or buy someone a gift, you can do it without having to justify it or give a valid reason, because today, “just because” is your excuse!

Here is what National Today loves about National Just Because Day:

  1. It breaks up the norm
    Sometimes falling into a rut is a vicious cycle, and breaking from that routine seems more difficult every day. With Just Because Day, you can throw a massive wrench into any plan, shake things up, and start anew.

  2. It encourages spontaneity
    While spontaneous decision-making should be kept to a minimum, some of life’s best memories come from the freedom of not overthinking. Calling in sick to drive to a new beach with your best friends hopefully won’t do any long-term damage but it will certainly give you a lasting memory. Say “just because” when someone asks you why you did it. (Of course, if the boss finds out the REAL reason for your absence and docks your pay; if you ask why, take it like the man or woman you are when the boss replies, “just because!”)

  3. It’s a reminder to take care of ourselves
    It’s easy to lose track of yourself in the fast pace of today’s world. But now, you have a license to treat yourself to whatever it is you need. Maybe it’s as simple as buying the sugary cereal you swore off a year ago or as big as taking a risk at work or in your personal life. Remember, this is your self-care day, just because.

Today is also a great opportunity to spread random acts of kindness. Compliment a stranger, pay for the person behind you in the drive through, or leave your server an extra generous tip.

Your options are endless, because today is Just Because Day!

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