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To: H. Goldston Womble, Jr., Mayor
Town Board of Commissioners
Sean Martin, Town Administrator

From: Pat Kennedy-Taylor, Town Clerk

Re: December 13, 2022 Agenda Items


INVOCATION: Mayor H. Goldston Womble, Jr.


1. Approve Consent Agenda Items
A. Approval of minutes
B. Approval of Minutes
C. November Utility Releases ($752.31)
D. Statute of Limitations for Collection of Delinquent Utility Accounts ($1,767.69)
E. November Tax Releases ($252.04)
F. November Tax Refunds ($1,204.13)

2. Administrative Matters
A. Project Updates:
● White Lake “Lake Water Restoration Project” Update
● White Lake Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project – Phase II Update (Loan Award
Amount – $2,998,667)

3. Call for Public Hearing: John H. Womble, Jr. – 43 W. Williams Street – Request for
Special Use Permit SUP#4056

4. Resolutions/Ordinances
A. FY 2022/23 Budget Ordinance Amendment #2023-03 (Water/WW Funds)
($35,000.00)B. FY 2022/23 Budget Ordinance Amendment #2023-04 (Capital Reserve Aquatic
Control) ($22,000.00)
C. FY 2022/23 Budget Ordinance Amendment #2023-05 (Water Funds) ($50,155.00)

5. First Bank Credit Card


6. Golden Leaf Foundation approved funding (82,500.00) for the White Lake
Stormwater Management Plan

7. Water AIA Study Proposal Award – $240,500

8. Other Business/Previous Agenda ItemsA. Departmental Briefings/Reports
Administrator’s Report
● Tax Collector’s Report
● Post Office Report
● Police Department Report
● Police Department Fuel Report
● Fire Department Fuel Report
● Public Works Department Fuel Report

9. Camp Clearwater and Melwood Court made donations to the Fire Department and the Police
Department saying they are so thankful for the White Lake Police and Fire Departments for the
wonderful service provided year-round. Thank you to all who work to protect life, property and
provide a safe, family-friendly atmosphere at White Lake.

10. The Town of White Lake will be closed on Friday, December 23 & Monday, December 26, &
Tuesday, December 27, 2022 in observance of the Christmas Holiday.

11. Introduce New Employee in Administration:
Open Forum: Three (3) minutes per citizen. Should state name and address.


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