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The undersigned Mayor of the Town of White Lake hereby calls a SPECIAL CALLED MEETING of the White Lake Town Board of Commissioners at the time, place, and purpose(s) set out below

DATE  Monday April 25, 2022 

TIME 5:30 PM 

PLACE White Lake Municipal Building  1879 White Lake DrWhite Lake, NC 

PURPOSE The Town Board of Commissioners at their April 12, 2022 regular meeting adjourned to a Special Called Meeting on Monday, April 25, 2022. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the Asset Management Plan, Resolution #202219 accepting and adopting the results of the Asset Management plan, the Emergency Response Plan and the Risk & Resilience Plan updates

This 21st day of April, 2022

Mayor H. Goldston Womble, Jr

Certification: I certify that the above notice was posted the front and back doors and the drivethru window of the Town of White Municipal Building, delivered to the Bladen Journal by fax and email, to Bladen Online by email, and delivered to each governing body member or left at the members place of residence at least 48 hours before the meeting as required by NCGS 153A40

Latricia Senned Patricia KennedyTaylor 

Town Clerk 

Patricia Kennedy Taylor 

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