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by Danna Martinez

Mandy and Chris Butler are a local couple who decided to give back to their community by preparing a turkey shoot and donating a portion of the proceeds to the Bladen County Department of Social Services Angel Tree. This couple is deeply grateful to the community for the assistance and contributions it has previously given to them, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project started the weekend before Halloween, aiming to provide a special Christmas for the less fortunate. Although supporting our community is always a heartwarming example of fellowship and humility, giving back from what we have harvested throughout the year may be the ideal present for this holiday season.

The Butler couple organized several dates for the turkey shoot fundraiser, which has taken place every Friday and Saturday since November 12th. Many various sponsors joined the cause. Following is a list of the people and organizations that did their bit to improve Christmas for the Angel Tree children at BCDSS.

The Heart of Giving sponsors:

  • Bladen Builders
  • David Gooden Hog Farm
  • Singleshot Construction
  • Alton Johnson Electric
  • Johnson Law Firm
  • Global Realty
  • Valley Arms
  • McDuffie Pest Control
  • Leinwand’s
  • Elizabethtown Christian Academy
  • Pastor Jason Lee (DFB)
  • Jeffrey Rogerson
  • Anderson Drug
  • Alan West (Lacy West)
  • Inman’s IGA Dublin
  • Paul Norris (Farm Bureau)
  • Barefoot Sandwich Shoppe

Furthermore, the event could not have been possible without the Clark Brothers and Harrelson Farms’ consent to use the land. The events and fundraisers took place in a family-friendly, alcohol-free environment.

The official release of the funds took place this week on Tuesday at the Bladen County Department of Social Services. Chris and his wife Mandy presented a check for $1,000 to members of the Department. The BCDSS Director, Vickie Smith, stated, “We are very appreciative; the children are going to be appreciative too because our goal is to make sure they have the best Christmas ever.”

The last shoot will take place this coming weekend, the 10th and 11th of December.

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