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Bladen County Health and Human Services Agency released the latest COVID-19 update today. The total of positive cases in the county is at 1,088, with reported as 72 “active.” The positive percentage remains at 4.5%, with two currently hospitalized. There have been 19 deaths in the county related to COVID-19, according to the report.

The agency is also promoting the SlowCOVIDNC app along with the 3 Ws (wait, wash, wear). The app uses Bluetooth to detect other phones close by anonymously to track positive COVID-19 cases in North Carolina. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services announced the app has to be enabled on devices to detect positive COVID-19 cases, and it cannot track locations.

The agency says, “It is 100% voluntary and is a way to protect your friends, family, and community from COVID-19.”

Learn more at covid19.ncdhhs.gov/slowcovidnc.

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