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By Charlotte Smith

Bladen County has a lot of small businesses. During this holiday season the BladenOnline.com team would like to remind our readers why it is important to “Shop Local, Eat Local and Stay Local”.

We will be distributing coupons at the Bladenboro Christmas Parade, Saturday, December 1, at 10:30 am. In case you needed a list of why to shop local, below are 11 reasons.

1 – Shopping, eating and staying local supports our community and neighbors.
2 – Shopping local creates more local jobs.
3 – Locations, character and people of local businesses are familiar.
4 – Local business owners appreciation for your business may be felt and lift your spirits.
5 – Face to face customer service is often received when you doing business locally.
6 – Local shops make our communities one of a kind.
7 – You can reduce carbon footprint when sticking close to where you live to take care of your shopping, eating and exploring needs.
8 – You may see the rewards and profits first hand from shopping local when a young sales associate or business owner’s child graduates to college.
9 – Dining locally can grow your social network.
10 – Spending your dollars locally adds more money to our local economy by the taxes collected as well as assisting business stay in business.

11 – You can save money with local merchants with their discounts and coupons!


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