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By Charlotte Smith

In 2023, Campbell Oil Company proudly celebrated an impressive milestone—75 years of unwavering commitment to excellence, resilience in the face of challenges, and a legacy deeply rooted in faith, family, and community. This remarkable journey began in 1948 when Dallas McQueen Campbell Sr., a hardworking, humble, and deeply religious man with a passion for aviation, founded the company.

Born in Dillon, South Carolina, Dallas McQueen Campbell Sr. moved with his family to McDonald, North Carolina, where they owned a farm. Later, they settled in Bladen County, continuing their farming endeavors. After Dallas McQueen Campbell Sr. (affectionately known as Mac Sr.) married his wife, Bonnie Mae Hall, they chose to build their life together in Elizabethtown, NC. The couple had three children: Mac Jr., Stuart, and Karen.

Mac Senior’s service extended beyond his family. He was the first man drafted in North Carolina during World War II, exemplifying his dedication to his country. His legacy, however, would be defined by the foundation of Campbell Oil Company—a foundation built upon unwavering character and integrity, values that continue to guide the company today.

In the mid-1930s, the senior Campbell ventured into the petroleum business, opening his first service station, “Mac’s Place.” In 1948, he founded Campbell Oil Company to deliver petroleum products to customers in and around Bladen County. The company’s offerings expanded to include gasoline and fuel oil delivery to primarily agricultural accounts in Bladen and neighboring counties. Over time, the business grew, additional offices were established, and lubricants became part of their product offerings.

In 1968, Mac Campbell Jr., after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke with a degree in Business, joined his father in the family business. He married Sylvia and together they had four sons: Brian, Chris, McQueen, and Wesley. In 1974, when Mac Sr. fell ill, Mac Jr. took over the reins of the business. This challenging period coincided with the Oil Embargo, making survival a daunting task. However, the company persevered, driven by its dedication to serving its customers.

In 1979, Campbell Oil expanded its horizons by acquiring land for its first convenience store. Tragically, Mac Sr. passed away in 1981, just before turning 65. His legacy of setting high expectations for business operations and treating people with respect and kindness continues to inspire the company.

In 1990, two of Mac and Sylvia’s sons joined Campbell Oil Company, marking the third generation of Campbells in the company. Later, in 1998, the youngest son, Wesley, also returned to contribute to the family legacy. While Mac Jr. continues to influence the business, the third generation now plays a pivotal role. Brian D. Campbell serves as President/CEO, Chris Campbell as Vice President/Lubricant Sales Manager, and Wesley Campbell as Secretary/Retail Division Manager.

Today, Campbell Oil Company offers a complete range of petroleum products to residential and commercial consumers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Their services include short truck deliveries and tank installations, ensuring customers have a reliable source for their fuel needs.

Since 1984, their partnership with Phillips 66 has allowed Campbell Oil’s Aviation Department to provide superior products, services, and security. They offer lubrication surveys, storage and dispensing solutions, iTank remote tank monitoring, and oil analysis program development.

Another growing division of Campbell Oil Company is their Minuteman Food Marts. Since 1976, the convenient stores have grown to 62 locations throughout Eastern North and South Carolina. The name “Minuteman Food Mart”.

Terri Dennison, Director of Communication and Marketing for the Town of Elizabethtown, proudly revealed that Campbell Oil Company has been honored as this year’s Outstanding Chamber Member Award recipient. Dennison said, “This recognition of the Campbells is well deserved because of their significant influence, remarkable growth during challenging times, and the exemplary role they play in our community.”

As affirmed by a close family friend of more than five decades, Mr. Hayes Petteway, the Campbells’ enduring faith, unwavering work ethic, and exceptional grace have been pivotal elements contributing to their prosperity. Petteway observed that they embody the essence of Luke 12:48, which emphasizes that those blessed with much are entrusted with the responsibility to give back to the community, not only in terms of financial contributions but also through dedicated public service.

Notably, Petteway remarked Mr. Mac has been dedicated to Bladen We Care, a local nonprofit assisting those in need, for over 20 years. Ms. Sylvia has served as Mayor of the Town of Elizabethtown humbly and honorably.

Tamara Wyatt, Bulk Plant Manager with over 30 years working with Campbell Oil Company, echoed Petteway’s remarks. “I could talk all day about this company. They lead by example.”
She explained how the Campbells meet the needs of people in the community who have hardships, and no one knows the extent of their family’s charity. Wyatt said, “I watch how they act, and I think, that’s how I want to be.”

Melody Priest, Director of Service Operations Department with over 25 years of service, commends the Campbells as a great company. She said, “They put God first, then families, and the community. They truly care about their employees and have great integrity.”

The Campbells publically state in unison, “We are blessed to work with some truly fine and hardworking people that are like family to us. They are also at the very foundation of the company’s success.”

The company reflected on its remarkable journey during a recent celebration. Family members Mac Campbell, Brian Campbell, Chris Campbell, and Wesley Campbell expressed their gratitude for the dedication and hard work that has been integral to the company’s success. The company honored Legacy Club members at the celebration event—employees with 20 or more years of service. Their commitment and loyalty exemplify the core values that have guided Campbell Oil Company throughout its 75-year journey.

The Campbells, now inducting their third and fourth generations into the business, are an essential part of what makes Bladen County a thriving and beautiful community. Their legacy is one of resilience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As they look to the future, Campbell Oil Company remains deeply rooted in family, community, and a continued drive for excellence.


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