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8 Reasons Why Animal Control is Important, Fundraiser for Bladen County Animals

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Bladen County Animal Control Board is raising funds to benefit Dr. N.W. Midyette Animal Shelter (Bladen County Animal Control and Shelter) in Elizabethtown. The board will host a Christmas Costume Contest (for pets only) on BladenOnline starting November 28. 

Below are eight reasons animal control is important in Bladen County. 

  • Animal Control protects the public from animal bites, attacks, and accidents caused by unattended roaming or stray animals.
  • Animal Control helps to protect the public by preventing diseases from animals to humans, such as rabies.
  • Animal Control carries out the necessary laws and policies for the County.
  • Animal Control takes dangerous animals off the streets of the community.
  • Animal Control Helps Determine the extent of injuries to an animal by examining it and determining the need for medical treatment.
  • Animal Control also helps control abandoned and unattended animals.
  • Animal Control investigates the mistreatment or abuse of pets, Investigates the animals that may be dangerous, or help remove dangerous animals.
  • Animal Control helps families that a loved one has passed away by taking that animal to the shelter and putting it up for adoption.

Dr. N.W. Midyette Animal Shelter, also known as the Bladen County Animal Control/Shelter is an open-door facility. 

Mike Jackson, chairman of the board, said, “We provide shelter and care to stray or surrendered animals. We reunite lost pets with their owners and encourage animal population control. We are committed to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people and pets in our County by enforcing the NC Rabies Laws.”

Currently, the board is seeking sponsorships and prizes to give away. Sponsors will receive advertising to reach their target audience, all while helping the local Dr. N.W. Midyette Animal Shelter. The sponsorship levels are below. Anyone wanting to sponsor the contest may contact a board member or BladenOnline. The board members are Kyle Lewis, Gail Dove, Audrea Brisson, Mike Jackson, Sonya K Edge, Eddie Knight, Dr. Sheila Hanby. The board members are standing by to help with sponsorships and prizes. For more information, call Mr. Jackson at Mike Jackson at 910-874-2894, call BladenOnline at 910-876-5393, or email

Submissions for the contest will be accepted by email until December 27. A survey will then be published on BladenOnline for votes to be submitted on the entries. Voting will take place on December 28th and 29th. The survey results will be announced on December 30, 2020. The top five vote-getters will receive prizes. 

Dr. N.W. Midyette Animal Shelter (Bladen County Animal Control and Shelter) Fundraiser Packet