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A Staff Report

In the small town of Garland, North Carolina, there resides a young woman named Chasity Marie Ludlum, known for her unwavering kindness and a heart of pure gold. Chasity’s life revolves around spreading joy through her handmade thank you cards and meticulously crafted beaded necklaces. Her close-knit family, including her grandmother Elizabeth Cashwell, her father Brady Ludlum, and her beloved puppy Lucky, are a source of immense strength and love in Chasity’s life. Above all, Chasity’s unshakable faith has been her guiding light. However, in the spring of 2023, Chasity’s life took an unexpected turn when she received some devastating news about her health.

Chasity’s journey into the world of medical uncertainty began when her lab work revealed concerning signs about her kidney function. Initially, there were glimmers of hope as her kidney function appeared to improve. But a fateful trip to a doctor’s office in Wilmington shattered those hopes. At the tender age of 20, Chasity received the heart-wrenching diagnosis of end-stage kidney failure, a condition requiring a kidney transplant for her to lead a somewhat normal, healthy life. The news was not just a blow to Chasity but also to her devoted family, especially her grandmother Elizabeth, who had been her primary caretaker.

Chasity’s name was placed on the transplant list, opening the door to a challenging and uncertain journey.

“They said within a year I should have the transplant. I’ve already been to four different places,” Chasity said.

The road ahead is fraught with countless doctor’s appointments, visits to specialists, and extensive medical procedures. Although Chasity has Medicaid, it cannot cover all the expenses associated with her treatment, leaving her family facing substantial financial burdens.

Elizabeth Cashwell, a loving grandmother who shares a close bond with Chasity, is emotionally invested and actively involved in Chasity’s care.

“My grandmother carries me to all my appointments,” Chasity shared, “and she has a diesel vehicle, and it’s expensive.”

Chasity’s medical care providers are in Chapel Hill and Wilmington, North Carolina. Elizabeth will need to make frequent trips back and forth from their hometown of Garland to Chasity’s medical providers. These trips entail expenses for food, gas, and lodging, adding to the already overwhelming financial strain.

In the face of this life-altering challenge, Elizabeth has taken the initiative to create a GoFundMe campaign on behalf of Chasity. The funds raised will be a lifeline for Chasity, ensuring she receives the necessary medical care, including the kidney transplant, and allowing her family to support her throughout this journey.

If you can contribute financially, no amount is too small, and your generosity will significantly impact Chasity’s life. Your support will help alleviate their immense financial burden during this challenging time.

However, not everyone may be in a position to contribute financially. In that case, your prayers and sharing of Chasity’s story can be just as meaningful. Spreading the word about her GoFundMe campaign can help reach individuals who can provide the financial support needed to save her life. Your contribution, whether through monetary donations or by sharing her story, can make a world of difference in Chasity’s life.

To donate, visit: https://www.gofundme.com/f/arjzg-medical-expenses-for-kidney-transplant

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