Bladen County
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The Bladen County Board of Commissioners are scheduled to meet Monday at 6:30 p.m. in the Superior Courtroom at the Bladen County Courthouse in Elizabethtown.

Among the items on the agenda is a public hearing for the board to receive comments regarding a proposed $200,000 forgivable loan.

Bladen Commissioners Agenda for Feb. 1, 2021 (PDF)

The board is considering the loan to Bladen’s Bloomin’ Agri-Industrial Inc. (BBAI). The purpose of the loan will be to assist in funding the construction of an approximately 10,600 square foot industrial building expansion in the Elizabethtown Airport Industrial Park. BBAI will be responsible for securing all additional financing required for the construction of the facility.

The loan may be forgiven in whole or in part, up to the amount of the economic impact over the first five years of the project’s operations in the facility. The loan will be at 2% per annum, and will be
payable upon the lease or sale of the facility to one or more companies which will fully occupy the facility, unless the board forgives the loan in whole or in part.

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing restrictions, people may listen to the meeting by phone by calling 571-317-3122 and using access Code 377-006-581.

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