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[Dublin, NC] – Bladen Community College proudly announces its historic achievement as the first community college to attain EMS Agency status at the Advanced EMT level, credentialed by the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services.

The roster of this groundbreaking EMS Agency is a testament to the institution’s commitment to safety and emergency response. Composed of experienced faculty, staff, and students, the team boasts a collective EMS experience exceeding 150 years. This wealth of expertise positions Bladen Community College as a leader in providing top-notch Emergency Medical Services.

The primary responsibility of the Bladen Community College EMS Agency is to ensure the well-being of the campus community. This includes students, visitors, faculty, and staff. Dispatched in collaboration with Bladen County EMS, the agency responds to all calls for medical service on campus, using the Bladen County 911 system through radio and SMS services.

In times of EMS overload, mass disasters, or special events, the agency may also be dispatched off-campus to provide crucial backup support to Bladen County EMS. This collaboration enhances the county’s overall emergency response capabilities, showcasing the college’s dedication to community welfare.

One notable advantage for students is the availability of an alternate location for clinical rotations related to EMS classes. This unique opportunity not only enriches their educational experience but also contributes to the development of a skilled and prepared workforce in emergency medical services.

Importantly, there is no additional cost to students for this invaluable service. The college has implemented this initiative with minimal financial impact, leveraging wise use of readily available resources. This forward-thinking approach underscores Bladen Community College’s commitment to providing quality education while maintaining a safe and secure campus environment.

Bladen Community College encourages the community to celebrate this milestone, recognizing the institution’s dedication to excellence in education and emergency response.

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