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A staff report 

Contributed photos of spotlighted Bladen County Schools’ students with school officials. 

In a recent regular meeting, the Bladen County Board of Education (BOE) shone a spotlight on academic excellence, future developments, and key decisions impacting schools and students across the district. The meeting was marked by a series of recognitions, approvals, and updates that promise to enhance the educational experience in Bladen County Schools.

A commendable start to the meeting saw students from Clarkton School of Discovery leading the Pledge of Allegiance, setting a tone of pride and respect. The board took a moment to celebrate the achievements of students from various schools, including Bladen Lakes Primary School, Bladenboro Middle School, Clarkton School of Discovery, Elizabethtown Middle School, and Tar Heel School. These students were recognized for their outstanding performance at the State Beta Conventions, with anticipation building for their participation in the National Conventions.


The meeting proceeded with significant approvals and updates that reflect the board’s commitment to progress and development. Among the key decisions were the approval of the 2024-2025 High School Registration Handbook and the Digital Signs Project, showcasing a move towards modernization and enhanced communication within schools. The board also received an update from Mike Burris on the ongoing construction project at Tar Heel School, indicating a focus on improving infrastructure to better serve students and staff.

In a significant move to bolster the educational landscape, the conveyance of the Booker T Washington property to Bladen Community College was approved. This decision paves the way for the expansion of the college’s agribusiness program, the inception of a culinary program, and the establishment of an early childhood laboratory, as presented by BCC’s president, Dr. Amanda Lee, and Board of Trustees Chairperson, Mr. Dennis Troy.

Further, the board made strides in sports and staff development by approving the addition of bowling to high school athletics and the Recruitment and Retention Plan for 2024-2025. However, the UNC Health Agreement was not approved, indicating a careful consideration of partnerships and agreements.

Bladen County Schools’ Superintendent, Dr. Jason Atkinson rounded off the meeting by sharing important upcoming dates, including the Middle School and Elementary School Battle of the Books, an Early Release Day, an Optional Teacher Workday, Spring Break for Traditional Calendar Schools, and the Bladen County Schools Job Fair. These dates highlight a bustling calendar of academic and professional development opportunities for students and staff alike.

The March meeting of the Bladen County Board of Education is an example of the board’s dedication to fostering an environment of excellence, innovation, and growth in the district. With a series of approved projects and plans, the future of education in Bladen County looks promising, underpinned by a community committed to the success of its students.

View the full meeting filmed live in the Bladen Livestream YouTube video linked below.


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