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Staff report

Elizabethtown, North Carolina – March 26, 2024- Colleagues and friends of J. Michael McGuinness gathered today to honor and celebrate his remarkable 40-year journey with The McGuinness Law Firm, marking an illustrious career dedicated to legal advocacy and service. From March 26, 1984, to March 26, 2024, McGuinness has been a man of integrity and professionalism within the legal community, leaving an indelible impact on all he has served.

In a heartfelt tribute, McGuinness’s staff expressed their sincere congratulations on this significant milestone. “Congratulations to J. Michael McGuinness on reaching the 40-year milestone at The McGuinness Law Firm. You have built an incredible legacy of commendable work ethic and service,” they remarked, echoing the sentiments of admiration and respect shared by many.

As McGuinness embarks on the next chapter of his journey, his staff offered their best wishes, affirming their confidence that the future holds even greater opportunities and achievements. “May the next chapter be better than you ever could have imagined. They conveyed ” best wishes!” and underscored their unwavering support for McGuinness’s continued success.

Reflecting on McGuinness’s professional endeavors, The McGuinness Law Firm’s website outlines his extensive expertise in constitutional and civil rights litigation, employment and labor relations, law enforcement civil liability claims, personal injury cases, and general litigation. Known for his personalized approach to each case, McGuinness is described as a “country lawyer at heart,” prioritizing individual client relationships over file numbers.

Throughout his illustrious career, McGuinness has distinguished himself as a consummate legal practitioner with a robust record of success in both trial and appellate advocacy. Having served as lead counsel in over one hundred and fifty jury trials, over fifty appeals, and numerous bench trials, McGuinness’s breadth of experience spans federal and state courts across the eastern United States.

Moreover, McGuinness’s contributions extend beyond the courtroom, encompassing roles as a law school and college professor, author of scholarly articles, and instructor and consultant to practicing lawyers in multiple states. His diverse background, which includes serving as a local government executive, a criminal prosecutor, and counsel for the United States government, reflects his multifaceted approach to legal practice.

Despite the firm’s extensive resources and support, McGuinness remains steadfast in his commitment to handle each case personally, eschewing the delegation of essential lawyering functions to inexperienced attorneys. This dedication to providing clients with the highest level of representation underscores McGuinness’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

The McGuinness Law Firm, situated at 2034 Highway 701 North, Lakewood Plaza, Elizabethtown, North Carolina, continues to serve as McGuinness’s enduring legacy and commitment to legal advocacy. As McGuinness celebrates this significant milestone, his colleagues, clients, and peers alike look forward to witnessing the continued impact of his exemplary leadership and dedication to the pursuit of justice.

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