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Mr. Robert Hester mentioned Bladen County Commissioners from 50 years ago recently in his Thoughts While Shaving. Someone sent us a photo of those local Commissioners from yesteryear.
Dan McLaurin   County Manager
J. S. Singletary, Chairman
Carl Suggs
F. L. Tatum
Ballard Carroll
Edd Nye
Hester said in his article, “Can you name the 9 current County Commissioners?  If yes, give yourself a good grade.  Would bet most cannot.How about 50 years ago?  In 1969, there were 5 on the board:
J.S. Singletary of Clarkton
Edd Nye of Elizabethtown
Carl B. Suggs of Bladenboro
F. L. Tatum of White Oak
B. E. (Ballard) Carroll of Dublin”

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